About Fisayo’s Kitchen

Fisayoskitchen started out of my love for cake making. Fortunately, and unfortunately, in the quest to sharpen my cake baking skills I went to train with a caterer who trained me in both baking and cooking. The skills learnt at this training in 2015 helped me polish my cooking and pastry making skills but not exactly my cake making skills. But this was a blessing in disguise unknown to me. 

By 2019, after one year as an international student in the United States I started food catering business. This started out of a friend’s request of me to prepare the Nigerian/Yoruba delicacies: ewedu soup (jute mallow with the botanical name Corchorus olitorius), omi-obe (beef soup), and jollof rice for her cousin at a fee. After this order, I saw a pathway to catering for Nigerians. This was how fisayoskitchen started.  

The goal of fisayoskitchen is to provide Nigerians in the United States with homemade mouthwatering Nigerian foods and snacks. Fisayoskitchen is simply here to serve your desire for Nigerian delicacies while making you feel home away from home.